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Given the lack of medical services available and the extremely poor health conditions of its residents, in 2002 we began building the Dispansè Kakok clinic.

Since its opening, between 30 and 50 patients are seen on a daily basis.

Foreign doctors and nurses who provide their services to the clinic do so strictly as volunteers.

Kakok Foundation pays, on a regular basis, the salaries of a local registered nurse, a local nursing technician and cleaning and security personnel for the clinic.

The clinic also distributes contraceptives.

common illnesses:

· Malaria
· Respiratory Illnesses
· Intestinal Parasites
· Fungi and Skin Illnesses
· Muscular Pains due to heavy loads
· Arthritis particularly in the neck due to heavy loads carried on the head.

chronic illnesses:

· Hypertension
· Heart Ailments
· Infant Malnutrition due to lack of protein

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